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Jane Young Hill is a licensed clinical social worker serving individual, couples and families and maintains a private practice in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

With over thirty years experience as psychotherapist, she trained for five years in post-graduate studies at The Family Therapy Institute of Philadelphia.   She includes the spirituality of the client as the most valuable resource.  Hill has always pursued cutting edge treatment for her clients.  To that end, she has trained in EMDR, clinical hypnosis and neuro-therapy. Prior to coming to Florida, she maintained a practice in New Jersey working with sexually abused adults and children, and trained volunteers in the Ocean County Sexual Abuse and Assault Program.  She provided training to the Ocean County Court system on the dynamics of sexual abuse as well as provided mandated court trainings for divorcing parents.

Hill describes herself as a relationship therapist: positive relationships are the foundation of a quality life.  As the  seasons of life unfold, they offer  different challenges and opportunities for growth and significance. Life is like a Three Act play with each act a chance to create a rich and fulfilling story.  But... the path is not always easy.  Trauma with a  capital 'T' such as life threatening events (accidents and illness)  and sexual abuse or small 't' such as humiliation or  loss can create a rocky road  Such experiences invite depression, anxiety and stress which will interfere with the positive connections one seeks.

She believes in a holistic approach to treatment:  insight, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise and emotional intelligence. She is an active therapist who engages in a partnership with her client to achieve the change they seek. Practical, challenging, uplifting, life-affirming, and above all encouragement to expand your thinking...see more and follow  Ms. Hill's Facebook postings Jane Young Hill , Coaching and Therapy for Mindful Living. 

Education  Drew University, B.A.  Temple University, MSW  The Family Therapy Institute of Philadelphia  License, Certifications  Licensed Clinical Social Worker  Diplomate of Clinical Social Work  Approved Supervisor, State of Florida

Additional Training  Certified Level I and II EMDR  Advanced Clinical Hypnosis  Neurofeedback Specialist  Strategic Intervention Coaching  Mindfulness/Meditation  Interpersonal Neurobiology  Emotion Free Therapy  Matrix Re-imprinting 

Professional Activities and Memberships  National Association of Social Workers  Affiliate of EEG Spectrum  Member, V.P. and President Betty Griffin House Board of Directors

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