And just like that, it's 2022

And just like that, it's 2022

Reflections on last year…the hope it would see the end of the pandemic… hmmm.

Refreshing my website.  Yes!

An updated software for practice… yes, but what a learning curve.

At years end, finally revisiting my office… it is quite a lovely environment.

Acquiring expertise for virtual sessions, platforms … and discovering I like it!

Certification for virtual practice… accomplished.

Discovering some fine apps for boosting therapy goals ( boosting is popular)

Looking to this New Year:

Those who have worked with me prior to 2020 know of my dear Zoe, a Berniedoodle, and frequent co -therapist. You may have noticed on my website, the fluffy white Labradoodle, Linus, now 14 months old. I affectionately call him my "direwolf", or a shortened, my "wolf.' Wild and wonderful, warm and woolly, he is an experience.

Certainly, he has kept me moving with our walking routine. He is also the central figure in what I am resolved to accomplish in this year: a reliably gracious greeter to guests.

This opens the door to one of life’s delights for me: cooking something scrumptious and sharing with friends.

And so the training begins. I am mindful that my relationship with Linus includes many of Brene Brown’s Anatomy of Trust. If you are unfamiliar with it, give yourself a gift and view her YouTube presentation. So I will be addressing boundaries, accountability, reliability and integrity… his AND mine. Our training will require both of us to learn. I will be striving  to speak “ dog” as he responds to my verbal and non- verbal cues.  It strikes me as putting myself “ in his paws” for the most effective communication. In all actuality, this is much the same as we do in our relationships when we strive to understand another’s perceptions. Clearly, Linus will not be verbal but will “speak” with his sweet furry body. And since that is HIS language, he will be very tuned to my energy. Linus will "hear" my frustration, patience, delight and confidence (or lack thereof!)

And so, I look forward to deepening my bond with Linus and creating an environment that is warm and welcoming and filled with good company.

Wishes for this new year to offer you opportunities to create more of what makes you smile.