When Technology Empowers

When Technology Empowers

I am a firm believer in using resources to support therapeutic work.   The hour we spend together is the laboratory where we look at problems, concerns and issues.  Beyond that hour, it’s time to put new learnings into practice.  The goal is emotional regulation. Think of it like going to the gym…only building emotional muscle. Training the brain to override some unhealthy defaults takes practice, every day for 15-20 minutes. And in time, wonder of wonders, there’s a new neural network that’s healthier!

I have a few favorite apps to begin assembling an emotional toolbox.

Two of my favorites are “Calm” and “Headspace.”  

Calm offers meditations in measured lengths…2 minutes and beyond; restful sounds (rain) ; movement, afternoon resets, music, breathing guides and my absolute favorite, bedtime stories. It is safe to say that I have not heard the end of one…not even once! You can be reminded to check in and note how you are feeling. All in all, a great practice that is both doable and enjoyable.

Headspace offers breathing exercises, wake-up calls, meditations, an afternoon lift and tracts to invite sleep. Attractive visuals and soothing voices. The expression “it’s all in your head” was usually used to dismiss someone’s complaint or concern. Well, neuroscience tells us that is the truth….it IS all in our head. Making that headspace healthy brings a richer life experience.

A third favorite of a different nature is BrainHQ. This app really “works” the brain to develop neuro muscle in memory, spatial acuity and an eye for detail. This one is a challenge. It pushes the brain to develop a skill set that activates and keeps it healthy. I could not recommend it more highly, especially to my over 60 friends. Doing something new and hard daily is the antidote to diminished faculties. Don’t back off if you find it difficult….it’s supposed to be!

Best news is all 3 apps have a trial period to test what suits you. Combining either Calm or Headspace with BrainHQ is the daily support to therapy work. Remember, the mind and body have a dialogue…a two-way conversation that never stops. The mind will direct the body and the body informs the mind. Best of all, these apps encourage your taking control of messy emotions and physical pain.